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Walt, living with an ostomy for over 30 years

Now that you have an ostomy, the idea of taking long trips can seem daunting. But with a little extra preparation, you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Walt Brilhart and his wife Lallah have certainly not let Walt’s ostomy stop them from taking their annual drive to Hilton Head, South Carolina—or anywhere else!


Tips for Carefree Road Trips

Keep these tips in mind when planning your four-wheeled getaway:

Pack Extra Supplies.

Make sure you have extra pouches, skin barriers and accessories so you’re prepared to change and empty your pouch when needed. 

Precutting your skin barriers can help make pouch changes easier and quicker. During long trips, you may want to leave a few skin barriers uncut in case your stoma changes size or shape.

Where to Buy Ostomy Supplies

Planning your Road-Trip Menu

If you want to prevent excessive buildup of gas on your trip, there are certain foods that you should avoid. Cabbage, spinach, broccoli and sweetcorn are just a few.

For more information, visit our Diet & Digestion page.


Plan the Route

Several trip-planning websites have tools and settings that allow you to identify rest stops, restaurants and gas stations on your specific route. When planning your trip, it helps to look for routes that offer frequent rest stops, so you’ll always know how far it is to the nearest restroom. These trip-planning websites include:

MapQuestGoogleMaps, or Roadtrippers


Pack an Excess of Essentials

Precutting skin barriers can help make pouch changes easier and quicker. Alternatively, ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ skin barriers can generally accommodate any changes to your stoma without the need of accessories, meaning no scissors are needed.

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